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Murray Edwards College
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Students with disabilities

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    Much of Murray Edwards, including the Library and the Dome, is accessible to people who use wheelchairs.  The College also has undergraduate and graduate accommodation for students who use a wheelchair.  Students are encouraged to discuss any other specific requirements with their Tutor, or with the Admissions Office in the case of students who are holding offers but who have not yet been admitted as members of the College. 

    The University’s Disability Resource Centre provides support and advice to all students. Their advisors can discuss issues relating to any disability, including Specific Learning Difficulties, and can offer advice on needs assessment, academic support and funding. 

    Within the College, Beverley Watts, the Tutorial Office Manager, is the College’s Disability Liaison Officer. 

    Specific Learning Difficulties

    Incoming students who have a declared diagnosis of a Specific Learning Difficulty will be contacted by the Disability Resource Centre to discuss the development of a Cambridge-specific Student Support Document. 

    Sometimes a student may not have a diagnosis when they arrive in Cambridge.  If a Director of Studies or supervisor suggests that a student may need further investigation for a Specific Learning Difficulty, the student should make an appointment with the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) for an initial assessment. Students can either use the DRC online form or, if  the student is uncomfortable filling in forms, an email to will suffice.  If the student is then referred for full educational assessment, the College will pay 50 per cent of the costs associated with this. If payment of the remainder will cause financial hardship then the student can make an appointment to see the College's Finance Tutor to discuss the possibility for applying for help through the Hardship Fund.