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    Students at our International Day
    Students at our International Day

    Murray Edwards is delighted to have students from across the globe amongst its undergraduate and graduate communities. 

    Our MECSU International Officer is available to discuss issues relating to international students.

    International students may well need to spend more time over the vacation in College accommodation and Murray Edwards does everything it can to make this not only possible, but also enjoyable.

    The University’s International Students' website contains a great deal of information relevant to all stages of your Cambridge career. 

    CUSU International is an autonomous part of Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) whose objective is to represent and look after the welfare of international students in the University. All international students are automatically members, as well as those who self-define as international.


    The University's International Student Team assists with any visa-related issues. Overseas students must have a valid Student visa or have proof that they have applied for their Student visa showing the University of Cambridge as sponsor before they can begin to study. 

    Within 7 days of arrival at Murray Edwards, passports and Student visas must be presented for scanning in the Graduate Services Office. 

    Bank accounts

    The College requires all students to have a UK bank account once they arrive in Cambridge. There are a number of banks that offer accounts to international students for little or no service charge. Some of the main banks with branches in Cambridge include:

    Students need to provide a passport and a letter from the College confirming student status.

    For general information about banking in the UK the British Bankers' Association offers an advice leaflet.