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Tuition fees

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Photo of the Rosemary Murray Library from Fountain Court
Rosemary Murray Library and Fountain Court

Tuition fees for Undergraduate UK and EU students and overseas students can be found on the University's website.

UK and EU undergraduate students

Funding for UK and EU students is available via Student Finance, for which it will be necessary to provide the College with a Student Finance Breakdown.

Students who do not wish to take out a student loan or have not supplied College with a Student Financial Breakdown from Student Finance will, by default, be billed for the full fee, in accordance with the downloadable information on paying your bill.

The University Composition Fee may be partly or wholly paid by the Student Loan Company (subject to fee loan requested).

Information about NHS Bursaries for home clinical medical students can be found on the NHS website.

Overseas undergraduate students

Students are asked to arrange that their fees are paid by themselves or their sponsors either in October for the full academic year, or in three equal instalments. Details of sponsorship agreements should be sent to the Student Accounts office in advance of arrival. 

The overseas College fee for Murray Edwards College for students matriculating in October 2017 will be £8,100 and will apply to all years of their undergraduate course, subject to the following. If the Consumer Prices Index should rise by more than 2.5% per annum in the year to 30th June 2017 the fee will increase by that percentage. Also, if in any year to June during their course the Consumer Price Index should rise by more than 2.5% per annum, the following year's fees will be increased by that percentage. Should a student intermit (go out of residence) for more than two years during their course, the College reserves the right to revise the fees for the later years.

Year Abroad and Exchange Students

Most students on a year abroad (usually studying Languages or Law and including exchanges with MIT) are liable for a University Composition Fee of £1,350. Students will also be eligible for Cambridge Bursaries dependent on household income.