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College facilities

Find out why Murray Edwards is a great place to live and study
Students playing tennis in the sunshine
The Dome

The Dome is our fully catered college dining hall. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily - and our Weekend Brunch is widely praised as 'the best in Cambridge'!

There is always a wide range of food to choose from - as well as hot mains and sides, our catering team makes sure to provide vegetarian and vegan options, a salad bar, soups, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, pasta or noodles and some truly cracking desserts!

The Dome also hosts weekly ‘Formals’. These are themed three-course formal dinners followed by musical entertainment - and our students love them! Formals at Murray Edwards are known for being very affordable, and you can invite as many friends as you want from other colleges.

Art Café and College Bar

The Art Café is an informal space for studying, eating and hanging out. Many of our students prefer working with a bit of background noise, or discussing their essays with friends, so the bustle of the Art Cafe suits them better than a quiet library. It's hard to resist ordering a slice of homemade cake, a hot or iced coffee or a freshly-made smoothie.

In the evening, the café becomes our student-run bar. We often host poetry readings, themed bops and music nights in this space. 

The Rosemary Murray Library

The Rosemary Murray Library is a breath-taking space in the heart of our college. Our library team places a emphasis on wellbeing, running yoga sessions, craft activities and talks. Find out more here.

The library is open 24 hours a day, for students to use as a study space or to check out books, journals, DVDs, and more. Our shelves are well stocked with a huge selection of the texts you'll need for your course, and our ‘Women’s Collection’ gives our students the exclusive opportunity to study rare books and contemporary texts that provide insight into the changing position of women in society. 

As well as beanbags, sofas, blankets and cushions, the library has traditional and standing desks, and huge windows looking onto the beautiful gardens and Fountain Court. 


The JCR and MCR

JCR and MCR are short for 'Junior Common Room' and 'Middle Common Room'.

The JCR is the undergraduate common room, and ours is located between Orchard Court and Pearl House. This is an ideal space for socialising with friends, and many of our students rehearse for plays or hold society meetings here.

The MCR is the postgraduate common room. It is open to all postgraduate students, and is a light and spacious area with plenty of comfy seating. There is also a TV and kitchen, as well as cupboards full of books and games!

The terms JCR and MCR have a double meaning at Cambridge University. Each college has its own mini student unions, and these are also called JCR and MCR. Just like the common rooms, the JCR union represents the interests of undergraduate students, whilst the MCR represents postgraduate students. You can read more about our student committees here.

Athletic Facilities

If you're an athlete already, or you want to take up sport whilst at university, we have you covered!

Our college has a fully equipped on-site gym. Complete with rowing machines, free weights, treadmills, deadlifting station, weight machines, yoga mats and a punchbag, many of our students use this space for their training. 

We also have tennis and squash courts, which students can use whenever they like! Some students are serious about their game, but many others use these spaces more socially. During exam term, you will often see students getting together for a casual game to let out some stress on the courts!

College Gardens

All of our students agree that the College Gardens are one of the best parts of Murray Edwards! Unlike most colleges, students are welcome to walk on the grass, and you'll often catch friends sunbathing, studying, and socialising outside on picnic blankets.

Our gardening team do amazing work to ensure that students are able to engage with the gardens in meaningful ways. They encourage students to pick flowers to decorate their rooms and grow herbs for students to use in their cooking. We even have a weekly 'Garden Playlist' with new song recommendations to help you expand your horizons whilst you relax outisde! You can read more about the gardening team's welfare projects in the Health and Wellbeing section of the website. 

Music Practice Rooms

We have several college spaces reserved for students to write, practise and perform music, including a dedicated music room. In addition to a range of practice pianos, students can also book practice sessions on our Steinway.

Multi-Faith Spiritual Room

The multi-faith spiritual room is in Paula Browne House. Students can book this space for up to an hour at a time, and it is for any and all to use, whether for prayer or quiet reflection. Washing facilities are located next door to the room.