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Covid-19 Important Reminders

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    Covid-19 Important Reminders for meetings, supervisions and events at Murray Edwards College

    • If you, as the organiser, become unwell prior to the session it must not go ahead. Please email Events to cancel your booking at the earliest opportunity and advise attendees.
    • Attendees feeling unwell prior to the session must not attend in person. 
    • If anyone starts experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 during the session, they should leave the session immediately, follow their College or organisation's self-isolation guidelines and take the recommended steps.
    • Please inform the Porters' Lodge if an attendee is feeling too poorly to leave Murray Edwards College and they will discuss how to proceed with the individual. The attendee should not go to the Lodge themselves.
    • To minimise transmission of COVID-19, it is vital that as many contacts as possible are identifiable and can be advised to take action as appropriate in accordance with government guidance. The Event Organiser is therefore encouraged to keep a record of people attending your event for 21 days before securely disposing the record. 
    • The College encourages the use of face masks (unless you are exempt) during indoor meetings and in public areas. If you meet others in close proximity and/or in smaller rooms, please ask those you’re meeting if they are comfortable with you not wearing a face mask.
    • We ask that all visitors to College sign in using the Visitors QR Code. 
    • Hand sanitiser stations and disinfectant wipes are available in all meeting spaces.
    • Rooms will be sanitised before and after each meeting and the room ventilated. During cold weather appropriate clothing should be worn and stored sensibly in the meeting room.
    • As the Event Organiser, please encourage attendees to adhere to the guidance during their time at Murray Edwards College.

    Cleaning and hygiene

    • The early morning cleaner unlocks the room door and it remains open all day and evening, negating the need to handle keys, until the night Porter locks up. Rooms will not be locked during the day.
    • That cleaner will open windows to ventilate the room. Air conditioning may also be used for this purpose. It is recommended that the windows are left open and/or air conditioning turned on and up throughout the supervision.
    • Cleaning equipment and instructions will be left in the room. For small meetings or supervisions and suchlike, where possible we ask that the Event Organiser cleans the room to alleviate pressure on the cleaning team. We appreciate this is not always possible.
    • For back-to-back supervisions, the supervisor is responsible for cleaning between groups. Please see section on the Booking Supervision Rooms page.
    • Should AV, cabling, controls (in wall-mounted) and other equipment (such as whiteboards) be in use, they will be disinfected between groups by the cleaner. 

    Booking Reminders

    • Impromptu room use is not permitted. You must book your room with the Events team in advance using the appropriate booking web form. 
    • Rooms will be set up in either boardroom or classroom style as standard. Alternative set ups are available on request in advance.
    • On either side of bookings there will be 30 minutes booked for cleaning and allowing for overruns and early arrivals.
    • We ask that you keep to your booking times as much as possible. We appreciate your understanding of the demands on the time of the cleaning team, as well as the need to keep to schedule to ensure all supervisions are delivered as scheduled. 
    • Supervisions may be booked from 9am until 10pm.
    • We will do our utmost to accommodate last minute requests. However, this may be in an unusual meeting space or even outside in the gardens. 
    • If you have a particular concern about safely evacuating an attendee in the event of an emergency, please complete and return a Personal Emergency Evacuation Form (PEEP form).


      • Observe social distancing courtesies of 1m+ where possible.
      • The College encourages the use of face masks (unless you are exempt) during indoor meetings and in public areas.
      • Hand sanitiser stations are available at entry points. Regular hand washing is strongly recommended.
      • Visitors to College should sign in using the Visitors QR Code at the Porters' Lodge, main entry points and in rooms.
      • Attendees should arrive at the meeting room on time where possible. Early arrivals are encouraged to wait outside in the fresh air.
      • If the room has a card announcing it has been cleaned and is safe to use, you may enter the room. This card should be turned over by the Event Organiser at the start of the meeting (and then will be turned back by the cleaner when cleaned).
      • Please fill the room from the furthest point and depart from the point closest to the door.

      During your meeting


      • Where you request a projector and screen on your booking form you will be allocated a room with this equipment. 
      • Additional equipment should be booked in advance to ensure availability and safe delivery.
      • Flip charts will not be provided as standard as it is recommended they are disposed of after use. Whiteboards will be provided in every room and cleaned accordingly. Please bring your own whiteboard pens where possible.
      • Sharing equipment, including devices, whiteboards, whiteboard pens and AV equipment is discouraged. Where necessary we recommend it is should be cleaned between users.
      • Where whiteboard pens are provided they should be retained by the user or disposed of at the end of the session.
      • Pens and paper will not be provided by the College. 
      • The use of shared paperwork is discouraged. Where this is required, we would strongly recommend digital sharing using, for example, Google Docs, Zoom or Microsoft Teams or via a projector/screen.

      Wellbeing and comfort

      • Due to the importance of ventilation in slowing the spread of Covid-19, windows will be open and/or air conditioning operating at full speed; in winter attendees are encouraged to bring warm clothes for their comfort.
      • We encourage you to leave windows open as much as possible. Ventilation is a vital part of minimising the risk of transmission of Covid-19.
      • Belongings (such as coat, scarf, hat, umbrella, backpack, bags) should be kept separate from others as much as possible and stored sensibly in the room.


      • Catering can be ordered as normal.
      • Water towers are available around the site. 


      • Attendees should depart the meeting room promptly, avoiding gathering outside the room. 
      • Please ensure all belongings are removed and waste paper is put in the bin.
      • Please leave the door open.
      • When entering public spaces please be aware of those already in transit.


      Further information 

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