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FAQs for undergraduate offer holders

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    Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Murray Edwards College from offer holders.

    Further advice for offer holders and prospective students can be found on the University website.


    When do I receive my Raven password and University of Cambridge email address?

    Access to these services is obtained during the Registration Exercise, which is launched by an email you will receive during the early part of September. This process is organised centrally by the University; the College has no influence over its timing and cannot intervene on any student's behalf.

    My Director of Studies has given me preparatory reading that requires access to Moodle: when will I be able to see it? 

    A DoS will sometimes set pre-course work at an early stage, when Departmental Moodle access is not available to the student. In such circumstances, the student must simply wait until the system provides them with access to Moodle: the College cannot hasten this process. 



    Do I need to apply for accommodation?

    No. First year students will be allocated rooms in Pearl House. The Tutorial Office will contact you in August or early September (after your place is confirmed) with further details.

    How much does accommodation cost at Murray Edwards?

    Information about the cost of rooms is available on the undergraduate accommodation page.

    What furniture is in my room?

    Each room contains a bed with a mattress cover, a pillow and an under-pillowcase. There is a desk with a desk chair and light, an easy chair, a bookcase or shelves and a wardrobe.

    What kitchen facilities are available?

    Kitchens have a four-ring cooker, a microwave, a fridge and a sink. Each student also has their own lockable cupboard.

    Can I bring a fridge to put in my own room?

    Yes. However, you must contact the Accommodation Office before you arrive at College if you plan to bring your own fridge. The maximum capacity of the fridge must not exceed 50 litres. Students may not bring a freezer except in case of medical need (though a fridge with a small icebox at the top is allowed). Any student who brings a fridge to College will need to pay a refundable damage deposit and provide a waterproof mat or cover for the carpet underneath the fridge. It is also the responsibility of any student who brings their own fridge to make their own storage arrangements at the end of term. Personal fridges cannot remain in bedrooms during the vacation periods.

    Please note: the College will only provide a fridge (as opposed to a student providing their own fridge) in a bedroom if there is a medical requirement to do so. If you have a medical need for a fridge to be installed in your room, please contact the Tutorial Office before you arrive.

    The Accommodation Office has a limited supply of 50L fridges, which you can hire at £20 per Term.

    Do I need to bring bed linen?

    You can either bring your own bed linen or if you wish to hire bed linen, you may do so. We hire out a bed linen pack of a sheet, pillowcase, duvet and duvet cover for £39.00 per term. If you choose this option, please be aware that you can only cancel the arrangement at the end of each term. Please let the Accommodation Office know if you wish to hire linen.

    Can I send luggage ahead of my arrival to College?

    We strongly recommend that you arrive with or before your belongings do. The Porters’ Lodge is not equipped to receive or store large quantities of luggage for any length of time. Please check directly with the Porters before arranging to send belongings ahead ( 

    When I have unpacked, what do I do with my suitcases or trunks?

    Each student can store one trunk or two suitcases in the Trunk Store. We do have to make this a firm rule as we have a relatively limited storage facility. They must be labelled with your name and CRSid (University email address).

    I am concerned about storing computers or musical instruments during the vacation. Do you have room for these?

    We have a Valuables Store for storing computers and musical instruments at the end of Term. Please contact the Accommodation Office to make arrangements to store your computer and/or musical instruments. All items must be labelled with your name and CRSid (University email address).

    What about insuring my possessions?

    Automatically included in your rent is a measure of insurance cover to protect your possessions against fire, flood and theft but not accidental damage. This is provided by Endsleigh and our policy number is HH1676. You should check the cover thoroughly and should you wish to have additional insurance, you can extend the policy on their website or take out your own insurance.

    Can I stay in College over the Christmas and Easter vacation period?

    Yes – but vacation charges may apply. For the 2022/23 academic year, the vacation charge will be £24.00 per night.

    Where do first years live?

    First years usually live in Pearl House.

    Are there any restrictions on what I can bring with me to College?

    You can bring bedding to College but not a mattress. You are allowed to have LED lights but you must not have candles, oil burners, incense or joss sticks (or any open flame). Electrical equipment should have a UK three-pin plug and you may not have any cooking equipment in your room.

    How can I clean my room?

    We expect you to clean and maintain your bedroom; a vacuum cleaner and cleaning products are available for you to use. Accommodation staff will clean your en suite shower and toilet once a fortnight and will clean the communal spaces (corridors, shared toilets and kitchens) but you must do your own washing up.

    Who can I contact in the Accommodation Office and how do I contact them?

    The Accommodation Office can be reached at Alternatively, you can call the team on 01223 762302 or 01223 767775


    Can I defer my entry until autumn 2023?

    We do not normally allow students to defer their offer at this late stage. However, we do make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Please email our Admissions team if you would like to defer entry until 2023.



    Where can I find details of College charges/tuition fees?

    Can I pay my College bill/tuition fees by credit card?

    No. You cannot pay your College bill or tuition fees by debit or credit card.

    Can I transfer money from overseas?

    We prefer payment in sterling from a UK source. If the only way you can pay your bill is from an overseas bank, please note that there will almost certainly be a charge (at least £6) imposed by your bank. This charge will be reflected on your College bill.

    Can I pay monthly for accommodation?

    Normally, only postgraduates with a monthly stipend from their sponsor are permitted to pay for their accommodation on a monthly basis. 

    Can I pay for tuition fees termly?

    Undergraduates can provide post-dated cheques (October, January and April) to cover the year’s tuition fees.

    Can I get a receipt for the payments I make?

    Always return your bill to the Accounts team. They will stamp and return your bill to your pigeonhole.

    Can I pay my College bill/tuition fees by bank transfer?

    Yes. Further details are on your College bill. Please return your bill to the Accounts team marked with the payment date. This will allow us to confirm that you’ve paid your bill and provide you with a receipt.



    Is catering provided?

    Yes. Lunch is available Monday to Friday – with brunch being served on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner is available seven days a week.

    Find out more about our cafeteria services and Formal Hall.



    What welfare support is available in College?

    We are keen to help students deal with problems as and when they arise. We also want to help students develop their resilience, their confidence and other relevant skills so that they can make the most of their experience here.

    A student’s Tutor is usually the first port of call if a problem arises. There are also many other sources of support available, including the JCR Welfare Officers. In addition, there is a lot of useful information on the Cambridge Students’ Welfare and Wellbeing website.

    We also have our own College Nurse and College Counsellor.

    What disability support is available in College?

    Much of the College, including the Library and the Dome, is accessible to people who use wheelchairs. The College also has accommodation for students who use a wheelchair.

    Students are encouraged to discuss specific requirements with their Tutor. As an offer holder, if you have a specific requirement that you would like to discuss, please get in touch with the Admissions Office.

    The University’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC) provides support and advice to all students. Their advisors can discuss issues relating to any disability (including specific learning difficulties) and can offer advice on needs assessment, academic support and funding.

    Within the College, Beverley Watts (Tutorial Operations Manager) is the College’s Disability Liaison Officer.

    What procedures are in place to support students who experience sexual harassment/assault during their time at university?

    If you experience sexual harassment and/or sexual violence, there is support available from the College, the University and other organisations. Find out more about the support available.

    What does the College do to provide a welcoming and inclusive experience for all students?

    Murray Edwards is opposed to all forms of racism and all other forms of discrimination. Our focus is on creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. We are committed to tackling racial prejudice and inequality, and we will keep listening and learning so that we can contribute to meaningful change across society. Find out more.