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    The Gateway Programme is unique to Murray Edwards College and is designed to help students make the most of the academic and career opportunities available to them. The Gateway Programme runs alongside a student's academic studies, and is open to both undergraduates and graduates. The Programme includes:

    • Academic development workshops – helping new students adjust to life at Cambridge.
    • Career and personal development workshops – supporting students with their future career paths, including sessions delivered by professional careers advisers.
    • A variety of internships and work placements – in the past, placements have been in areas such as publishing, marketing, event management, health policy, journalism, law and technology.
    • Opportunities through alumnae connections – such as work shadowing placements and networking events.
    • Funding for enterprising activities – for students who want to build on their skills, resilience and experience.


    Gateway Gap Year Scholarships

    We offer Gateway Gap Year Scholarships to students who we believe would benefit significantly from a gap year before starting their studies at Cambridge. The gap year should involve travelling, earning money, and a commitment to enhancing course-relevant skills, knowledge and experience. We interpret this flexibly.

    We select students for Gateway Gap Year Scholarships from within the current applicant group. The scholarships are aimed at students who would struggle to finance a gap year without assistance. The maximum scholarship value per student is £1000.