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IT Strategy - Network Use

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Terms and Conditions of Network Use

For students, the charge for using the college’s network facilities is as stated on the fees and charges schedule. This charge covers a number of costs associated with the connection, including the initial administration for connection and the hardware and software required to maintain the good working order of the network.

Students wishing to use the wired network are expected to provide their own ethernet 10BaseT or 10/100/1000 BaseT adapter cards, where necessary.

The College is charged for its share of the University's network traffic and this is met from its general academic computing fund. This is kept under review in the light of heavy recreational use of the network. The College has a duty to control its costs and if a user incurs excessive charges the College reserves the right to recoup charges incurred by an individual user. The College does monitor use, and will make every effort to alert a user if their activities are likely to result in a charge.

It is the responsibility of the student to report non-working network points, in her bedroom, or apparently non-working wireless access points to the IT Office, and to put a request for repair in via email to or in person to the IT office. Problems that are not resolved should be reported to the IT Office.


The prime purpose of the network connection is the furtherance of academic studies. Although some modest recreational use is allowed, all network use must conform to the rules laid out below. The College reserves the right to immediately disconnect any network connection from the Murray Edwards College network pending investigation, if breaches of the rules are suspected or if the work of other users is being disrupted.

  • Use of the network by the user is subject to the following rules. Since some of these rules may change from time to time they are not reproduced here but may be reached by selecting the links provided below.

  • That the user agrees and consents to statistical data being gathered on their network usage, including identification of remote sites and traffic volumes to or from those sites. This data may be used for (1) network administration; (2) advice to or cautioning of that user; (3) possible charging for excessive use.

  • The following local rules:

    • The good name of the College shall not be brought into disrepute.

    • The network shall not be used for any purpose which would conflict with the College’s "Prevent" duties under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

    • The user agrees, in the case of the wired network, that they will use only the IP address issued by the computer office for that socket.

    • In the event of a conflict between these rules and a user's academic access to the net, the user should consult the College IT Manager.