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Murray Edwards College
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Collecting Tins

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Collecting Tins at the Porters' Lodge

The College is pleased to support charitable collecting within the operational context of its academic mission and within this policy.

Registered charities may request a collecting tin to be sited at the Porters' Lodge for well-known, established national campaigns which are time-limited or have a regular collecting period each year.

No more than one collection will be accommodated at any time.

Requests for collections will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis for any particular period of time.

A time for the collecting tin to be removed from view and to be kept securely pending collection by the charitable organisation must be agreed in advance of the tin being put up in the Porters' Lodge.

Tins collecting for charities overtly connected to politically-motivated or extreme campaigns will not be accepted.

Discretion to accept collecting tins may be exercised by the Bursar (whose decision is final) in relation to:

  • New, large-scale campaigns outside the general policy, for example one-off campaigns responding to natural disasters

  • Local campaigns clearly linked to the University or academic causes.