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About us

We're a college for women, founded in the middle of the last century by women who set no limits on their potential
Group of students laughing in a concrete walkway in gardens

We're not a traditional Cambridge college. We were founded in 1954 to provide a superb education for women of all backgrounds, and that remains our mission today.

Then named New Hall, we opened our doors with just 16 students, crammed into a borrowed building on Silver Street and raising money where we could. A small but determined group of women had fought to create a third foundation for women in Cambridge, pointing out that there were far more outstanding applicants than places available.

Over the last 70 years, we've gone from strength to strength. We've made our own history, deciding for ourselves what a woman should be and expect from her education. We're based in iconic buildings in stunning gardens, and we're home to Europe's largest collection of art by women. We've changed our name to honour out first President, Rosemary Murray, and an extraordinary £30m gift by an alumna, Ros Edwards, and her family. That donation finally guaranteed our future.

Today, we accept over 100 talented undergraduates a year, providing them with an exceptional Cambridge education and personalised academic and wellbeing support. We continue as a College that puts women first but warmly welcomes men who work, visit and stay here.

Alongside their studies, our students get involved in the full range of activities Cambridge has to offer, from sport to music, politics and to art, journalism to activism. Within College, we support many clubs and societies, ensuring women have a chance to lead in a space that is theirs to define.

We're known as a forward looking, informal and famously friendly community, where everyone - students, academics and staff - respects each other and is valued. You’ll find a spirit of collaboration, rather than competition, at Murray Edwards, and this supportive environment gives our students the confidence to think boldly and pursue their intuition without fear of judgment. We make our own traditions and leave our students free to be themselves.

We welcome applications from women of all backgrounds, and we invite young women interested in applying here to come and visit. We're always happy to show you round and answer any questions.

There's no College like us in Cambridge. Come and see for yourself.

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